The team’s strength.

Georges Henri is the fruit of our talented and experienced partners’ combined passion. Their objective: offer youa project with outstanding quality, as well as added value, where you can thrive with confidence and pride.

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Development Corporation Bertone

For nearly 25 years, the Bertone Development Corporation has been an industry leader, known for the exceptional quality of its real estate projects. The Bertone brothers are visionaries who outdo themselves with each project, reaching the heights of excellence.  


NEUF Architect(e)s

Founded in 1971, NEUF architect(e)s is one of Canada’s largest architecture and design firms. Built on relational values that foster the success of its clientele and its 140 employees, the firm proudly boasts a portfolio of more than 7,000 projects.

SALES & marketing

Agence SIX

Proactive and dedicated, the SIX experts leverage their experience to help you throughout the purchasing process so that you can find the space that’s exactly what you need. They lend an ear and give sound advice to ensure that everything is done to find your perfect match.